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Kimberly-Clark Professional is a subdivision of Kimberly-Clark and a world-wide leader in production of products for hygiene provision in hotel and catering facilities, in offices, hospitals, and car-services as well as one of the leading international companies for production of personal protective equipment, wiping materials and other items for wide application at production.

Kimberly-Clark Professional is the leader of the market supplying wiping products for industry and scientific institutions. The Company offers solutions for wiping of world-renowned brands WYPALL* and KIMTECH*, which mitigates risk of cross-contamination and improves efficiency of your business.

Products of such brands as JACKSON SAFETY* and KLEENGUARD* are distinguished with exclusive comfort and include special protecting clothing, gloves and respiratory, eye and acoustic protection equipment.

For clean rooms and zones with controlled conditions reliable, innovative and special-purpose products from the assortment of protecting clothing KIMTECH* may be selected. They will help you to improve the level of labor efficiency and compliance with the occupational standards at workplaces.

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    Exceptional workplaces mean:

    • Health
    • Safety
    • Performance


    Kimberly-Clark Professional is the member of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and supports its activity for increasing the volume of wood products made in responsibly managed forestlands undergone independent certification.

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