Brands Depend LogoDepend® – is unique absorbing underwear in the adult care category for men and women facing the problem of incontinence.

Depend® – is brand number one in the USA and it is the first underwear in Russia most closely resembling ordinary underwear: it is elastic, comfortable to wear and at the same time it provides good security during the whole day.

Only Depend® is tailored to anatomic features of men and women.
is not only absorbing underwear but insert pads for men and women as well.

Brands Depend


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    • - In 1984 Depend® brand was launched in the USA

    • - 7 out of 10 people having tried on Depend® become loyal consumers of the brand

    • - In 2013 Depend® was launched in Russia

    • - In 2014 Honored Artist Eugenia Dobrovolskaya became the spokesperson of Depend®
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