Brands Kleenex LogoFrom the time of its appearance in 1924 brand Kleenex® has become a global leader in family care category. Today Kleenex® products are essential for consumers in more than 150 countries of the world and success of the brand in many ways is determined by the desire to satisfy the needs of people in comfort, gentleness, cleanness, and care.

In Russia brand Kleenex® is represented with five basic categories:

  • Toilet paper
    Dry toilet paper Kleenex® cleans with maximal comfort and care of skin and wet toilet paper Kleenex® provides full cleanness and feeling of absolute freshness.
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  • Tissues in boxes
    Unrivaled softness of tissues is a distinctive feature of the product. With multi-layer and softest in Russia Kleenex® tissues care of nearest and dearest is easy and pleasant.
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  • Paper facial tissues
    Essential accessory of a modern person – a guarantee of clean hands and face, neat appearance.
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  • Wet wipes
    Essential in conditions when there is no quick access to water.
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  • Paper towels
    Absorb wet and fact immediately. Applied not only in the kitchen but to clean home appliances.
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    • - Labrador puppy is a symbol of toilet paper Kleenex® is set in waxwork in the Madam Tussauds’ Museum in London

    • - 1890 – K-C invents the first in the world toilet paper in rolls

    • - 1924 – K-C invents the first in the world cosmetic tissues

    • - 1932 – K-C starts production of the first in the world paper facial tissues
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