Brands Kotex LogoKotex® – is one of the most recognizable and favorite brands in the category of feminine care not only in Russia but worldwide. This brand supports women in their constant striving for femininity, is in dialogue with them, tunes in to their desires and wants to make their life more comfortable and convenient.


Kotex® in Russia is represented in three major segments of the category:

Kotex® – combines design and technology. Our products meet needs of a woman in qualitative and attractive feminine care facilities which not only allow feeling confident and comfortable but bring esthetic pleasure and support the woman’s desire being who they are and express themselves freely.

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    - In 1920 Kotex® created the first absorbing pad in the world


    - Every third woman in Russia prefers Kotex®


    - In 2014 Kotex® together with consumers created a new pad with improved absorbing center Fast Absorb


    - In 2014 spokesperson of Kotex® is a well-known actress Oxana Akinshina


    - In 2017 Kotex® is one of a sponsor of TV-show Dance on TNT 

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