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Leading the world in essentials for a better life.

Kimberly-Clark is an international corporation with great history manufacturing products for personal, professional and industrial hygiene.

Business of the Company is represented with two major segments:

  • Products for end users (brands Kleenex®, Scott®, Andrex®, Huggies®, Pull-Ups®, Kotex®, Poise®, Depend® and others).
  • Products for professional use manufactured by Kimberly-Clark Professional.

Company in Figures:

  • Founded in 1872
  • 42,000 employees
  • Products are sold in 175 countries
  • Production sites and offices in 37 countries
  • Sales in 2016: more than 18,2 billion USD

Central office of Kimberly-Clark is located in Dallas (Texas).

In Eastern Europe the Company is represented by the central office in Moscow, a mill for production of personal care products in Stupino, and offices in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

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    K-C invented 5 of 8 currently available kinds of consumer products:

    - toilet paper in rolls (1890)

    - paper towels (1907)

    - feminine pads (1920)

    - one-use facial tissues (1924)

    - one-use napkins (1989)

  • Kimberly-Clark

    In 1914 the Company opened its first scientific research laboratory.
    For many decades advanced technologies have allowed constant improving of quality and diversifying of products properties: its increased softness, absorbing capacity, strength, ability to resist viruses and aesthetic appearance.


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