Kimberly-Clark in Russia and Eastern Europe

The Company opened its representation office in Moscow precisely 18 years ago as far back as in 1996. In 1998 Kimberly-Clark opened its office in Kyiv, and in 2009 – in Kazakhstan. All these years Kimberly-Clark has developed, made its contribution into economy and become a part of Russia and Eastern Europe. Main trademarks of Kimberly-Clark in the region are such brands as Kleenex®, Huggies®, Kotex®, and Depend®.

In 2010 Kimberly-Clark opened a mill for production of personal care products (diapers Huggies® and feminine pads Kotex®) in Stupino, Moscow Region. This enterprise has become one of the largest productions of the Corporation in the world. It is equipped with the most advanced high-technology equipment and able to produce the amount of diapers sufficient for daily care of hundreds of thousands of babies.

Today more than 800 employees are involved into development of the Company in Russia and Eastern Europe. 300 of them work in the Moscow office. Kimberly-Clark is a friendly team of skilled specialists working in the most diverse functional subdivisions securing efficient development of the Company – some of them are in the business advance-guard directly interacting with consumers and customers (Marketing and Sales Departments), others maintain business supporting their internal clients (HR Department, Legal Department, IT Department and etc.).

At the beginning of 2014 headquarters of the Company in Moscow moved to a new office perfectly reflecting the Company’s aspiration to become the Great Place To Work for its employees and complies with high corporate standards of Kimberly-Clark to the fullest extent: ergonomic working space, bright design and work in a special atmosphere based on principles of trust, cooperation and creativity.

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    K-C started its business in Russia with promoting diapers Huggies®. At that time all diapers were called “pampers” according to the name of the first international trademark of diapers which came into the post-Soviet territory. In the 1990s notices: “Pampers “Huggies” are on sale” were commonly seen on retail outlets.

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    Stupino mill in Moscow Region is one of the leading production sites of the Company in the world.