Kimberly-Clark Worldwide

For more than 145 years of its history the Company has managed to create innovative products thanks to its attentive attitude to preferences and expectations of its consumers. Every item produced by the Company - from paper products to personal hygiene facilities, from protecting clothing to appliances for homecare and cleaning of special-purpose premises – is created to improve the life quality and health preservation.

The Company values and creates healthy working atmosphere enabling Kimberly-Clark employees all over the world to perform their work professionally and keep work/life balance, make good contribution into development of the society. Herewith the Company does not forget that as a global corporation it should provide sustainable development of the outside world.

Heritage of Kimberly-Clark consists of several simple values which are still remaining core ones: product quality, high level of service and honesty. Their the exact criteria to judge our executives and employees. These values helped Kimberly-Clark to take a leading position and become the Company whose products are selected by both professionals and common consumers all over the world.