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Values of Kimberly-Clark

There are very few companies in the world which have managed to come through a human century. There are even fewer companies which over their longstanding history have been able to develop steadily without changing its primary values. Principles of Kimberly-Clark worded by its founders John Kimberly, Charles Clark, Franklyn Shattuck, and Havilah Babcock (Kimberly-Clark) and Irving and Clarence Scott (Scott Paper Company) have become the values which help Kimberly-Clark to become one of the few:

  1. Create and produce the best of what is possible today.
  2. Be honest and loyal to consumers and partners in order to deserve their trust.
  3. Be honest and fair with employees.
  4. Be responsible of business.

These principles form the basis of corporate culture of Kimberly-Clark and they are reflected in the current values of the Corporation:

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    As far back as in 1910 K-C established the Mutual Aid Association, the task of which was allocation of funds to the employees who became disable due to their illness (nowadays we call that “sick-leave payment”). Moreover, the Association renders assistance to those employees who needed expensive medical services. The same year K-C introduced the system of corporate medical insurance! At that time there were no legislative requirements binding the employer taking care of their employees in such way.